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Tail Fin

You know the problem: tight space at the bottom of the back window - especially behind a brake light. 

Now meet the solution: the Tail Fin, a specialized squeegee tool designed for installing window film in difficult-to-access areas. 


Order your Tail Fin today!

144-7702 Tail Fin Green.png

Installer-Friendly Features

  • Two holes in the body provide a better grip.

  • Wide squeegee blade for hard-to-access areas.

  • The arched curved body helps get into tight spaces.

  • Applies constant pressure to keep moisture from seeping back.

  • Pushes out moisture while applying pressure to hold down edges.

  • Gives installers valuable time allowing the adhesive to tack and grab. 

  • Popular with window film installers.


144-7702 Tail Fin Green.png
Tail Fin Sliders.jpg
Popular with window film, PPF, vinyl signs, and wrap installers, and detailers.
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