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Little Foot

When you need extended reach to push out installation air and moisture from tight spaces, take a giant step forward with our Foot series. 

Slim Foot and Quick Foot squeegees give you added reach, while Little Foot has a squeegee blade design without the handle.

suede bladeEdge PNG.png

Installer-Friendly Features

  • Sturdy hard card squeegee tools.

  • Unique 6-inch usable squeegee edge.

  • Designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

  • Angled, long-reach tips get behind gaskets and rubber seals. 

  • Pointed tips let you squeegee in tight spaces with a firm grip on the tool.


144-7600 Little Foot Red 300X300.jpg.png
Little Foot Red Sliders.jpg
Popular with window film.
Little Foot Black Sliders.jpg
144-7602 Little Foot Black 300X300_edited.png
Popular with window film.
144-7602 Little Foot Blue 300X300.jpg.png
Little Foot Blue Sliders.jpg
Popular with window film.
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