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Edge Tool

Industry vets remember when the trim guide and bump tool of choice was a drywall mud spreader called the 5-way tool. Installers found these make-shift tools useful although the Edge Tool is a greatly improved, professionally designed alternative with added versatility. Now, popular for both auto and flat glass applications, the Edge Tool has become an affordable bottom loader and a handy flat glass edge trim guide. And, when wrapped with a microfiber towel the Edge Tool becomes the perfect flat glass bump tool. Get your Edge Tool today.

144-7750 Edge Tool Red Feature.png

Installer-Friendly Features

  • The original bottom load tool.

  • Makes a perfect flat glass trim guide.

  • Sturdy handle for a sure grip when applying extra pressure.

  • Wrapped with a microfiber towel it’s great for bumping edges.

  • A slight bend helps get behind gaskets for the bottom load technique.


144-7750 Edge Tool Red.png
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Popular with window film, vinyl signs, and wrap installers.
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