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Doo Dad

There are a handful of adjectives that work well describing the Doo Dad - stylish, ergonomic, and revolutionary are just a few. 

In short, Doo Dad is a unique multi-functional, super lubricated, plastic razor scraper that complements the lineup from Pro Tools Now. 

Every installation presents unique challenges and it won't take long before you’ll say that’s a job for my Doo Dad.

144-7803 Doo Dad Blue Frog.png

Installer-Friendly Features

  • Easily Reaches tight places.

  • Scratch-resistant, lift and pry tool.

  • 360 usable synthetic razor surfaces.

  • Also serves as a versatile hard squeegee.

  • Perfect lifting tool for rubber gaskets, clips, and more.

  • An ergonomic middle hole enhances the installer's grip.

  • The rounded end acts like a “plow” to enhance sticker scraping.


  • Popular with window film, PPF, vinyl signs, wrap installers, and detailers.


Blue Frog
144-7803 Doo Dad Blue Frog_edited.png
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Popular with window film, PPF, vinyl signs, and wrap installers, and detailers.
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