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If you like versatile installation tools, you better make space in your apron for Conquistador. We merged the hard card benefits of EZ Reach with the water extraction capability of a bladed squeegee, to create the all-new Conquistador – an exotic multi-use hybrid tool you’re going to love.

144-0350 Conquistador Yellow enlarged.png

Installer-Friendly Features

  • Versatile sharp point seconds as a lift or pry tool.

  • Unique circular cutouts provide ergonomic finger grips.

  • Installer grip cutouts enable heavier squeegee pressure.

  • The squeegee blade is “over-molded” to stay on securely.

  • Extended length enables easy access to tight or hard-to-reach areas.

  • The yellow base is made with the same material as EZ Reach Platinum.

  • Reformulated to provide a stiffer handle and a more subtle squeegee blade.

  • A soft black squeegee blade makes initial pass extractions easy and convenient. 

  • A unique hybrid tool combines EZ Reach’s sharp point with an improved water extraction blade.​


144-0350 Conquistador Yellow_edited.png
Popular with window film, PPF, vinyl signs, and wrap installers.
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