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Gator Blade

The ultimate plastic razor scraper. Gator Blade allows you to scrape without causing scratch damage to sensitive surfaces. Great for removing film, adhesive, stickers, or decals.


Gator Blade’s scratch-resistant surface is easier and safer to use than sharp metal razor blades. Try one soon, and you discover why the Gator Blade is fast becoming the choice of installers, applicators, and detailers everywhere.

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Installer-Friendly Features

  • Best synthetic razor scraper.

  • Safer than metal razor scrapers.

  • Safe for scraping fallout from glass.

  • Perfect for scraping decals, stickers, and adhesive.

  • The ribbed grip reduces slip and installation fatigue.

  • Great for pressing out film creases and debris particles.

  • Detailers use soapy water to remove fallout from paint.

  • Popular with window film, vinyl signs, wrap installers, and detailers.


144-0270 Gator Blade Red 1000x1000.jpg.png
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Popular with window film, PPF, vinyl signs, and wrap installers, and detailers.
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