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Pro Tools Now

How It All Started

  • Company founder Robert Williams spent 14 years as the owner of a successful chain of window tint shops in Colorado – and he could never find the tools required to meet installation needs. So he learned to make them himself! 

  •  While serving as President of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), he was called on to design his first industry tool, a tint meter. This helped establish clear tint levels and set enforceable state laws. That experience set Williams on the road to designing and manufacturing effective tools to serve installers. 

  • In 1993 he established Pro Tools Now and introduced his first breakthrough tool: the popular white hard card. That was just the beginning.

Pro Tools Now Today

  • Pro Tools Now is recognized throughout the industry for offering one of the most extensive lines of high-quality, high-performance installation tools.

  • From hard card squeegees to specialized tools for installation challenges including window film, vinyl graphics, signs, wraps, paint protection film, and more, Pro Tools Now designs and manufactures tools for every imaginable application.

The Man
Behind The Brand

Robert Williams

  • Robert Williams brings a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to developing and manufacturing Pro Tools Now products.

    • Owner and operator of a successful tint shop chain.

    • Established Pro Tools Now in 1993.

    • Past President of IWFA.

    • Tint-Off competition judge.

    • Tool launches that have become industry “must-haves.”

  • Robert’s expertise in product design, manufacturing technologies, plastic resin compounding, and film application processes are all reasons why Pro Tools Now has become the recognized leader in specialty installation tools.

Owner Robert Williams
Around the country and the world, wherever you find window film, vinyl signs, wrap, paint protection film, and detailing, you’ll find Pro Tools Now products on the job!
USA Flag

Born In The 

All Pro Tools Now products are  BORN IN THE USA  with premium quality materials and manufacturing processes.

Why American Made Matters

  • Every Pro Tools Now product is designed, dealer-tested, and manufactured in the USA. 

  • Each product is manufactured in our state-of-the-art 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Bowdon Georgia.

  • Because Pro Tools Now never outsources manufacturing, we retain full quality control over the process from start to finish. And that means products that meet installer needs without fail. 

  • Pro Tools Now uses only the finest raw materials sourced from USA suppliers. 

  • American quality is recognized worldwide, making Pro Tools Now a leading international tool supplier.

Before It Ever Gets To You

  • Pro Tools Now has a nationwide network of beta-test dealers who provide street-smart input on every product.

  • Pro Tools Now is constantly fine-tuning and improving existing products.

  • As the industry innovator, whenever new installation needs arise,        Pro Tools Now has the know-how and the resources to quickly and effectively meet the challenge. 

  • The experienced team at Pro Tools Now is always on the lookout for new materials and technologies to create solutions for installation challenges.

The Hallmarks Of

Pro Tools Now Quality

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind designs are unmatched by any other tool provider in the industry.

  • Innovative manufacturer, not a converter or re-brander.

  • Every tool product starts with a unique solution-based design.

  • Only premium-quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process.

  • Other Pro Tools Now features include: 

    • Rounded and pointed edges, depending on tool function. 

    • Grip-enhancing ribs and surface textures. 

    • Flexibility or rigidity where needed. 

    • Lubricant additives are incorporated into the raw materials to prevent scratching – unlike inferior products.

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American ingenuity, industry expertise, and commitment to your success are why every Pro Tools Now product is “BORN IN THE USA.”

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