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GT113YEL Diamond Tip Yellow 288X288.png

Diamond Tip

Diamond Tip is a parallelogram-shaped squeegee tool that has become an all-around favorite for window film, vinyl graphics, and vinyl sign installers. The 90-degree square-edged surface produces maximum air and moisture pushout performance compared to round-edge squeegees. 

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Installer-Friendly Features

  • Parallelogram shape.

  • 90-degree square edge.

  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

  • Special lubrication reduces scratching.

  • Delivers point-of-contact pressure with ease.

  • The square edge provides maximum moisture pushout. 

  • Raised center ridges provide a secure, slip-resistant grip.


GT113YEL Diamond Tip Yellow 288X288.png
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Popular with window film and vinyl signs.
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