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Bump Card - Suede Blade Tool Image

Bump Card

Suede Blade

The original flexible squeegee. Often referred to as bump or bondo cards, and vinyl applicators. Whatever you call them, they are the most popular squeegee tools that professionals use to push out air and moisture from all types of window film, PPF, vinyl signs, graphics, and wrap applications.


Many installers use bump cards as a full-purpose tool, not just a finishing squeegee.

The Bump Card Suede Blade option (shown here) is perfect for PPF, vinyl sign, and wrap installers.

Designed and manufactured in-house.


Suede Blade

How much time and money would you save if you didn’t have to grab and stow your tools, multiple times, over and over again during every installation? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your squeegee and cutting knife were always at your fingertips?

The motivation behind the SlayMate was to create a pro-quality, multi-purpose squeegee that attaches to your hand. A device that also includes storage space for your knife and handy built-in edge wrap wings. Put it all together, and you’ll have an all-in-one creation that keeps installers from losing tools because they are always at their fingertips…ready to go to work. 


SlayMate is here – get yours today!

SlayMate Product image

Suede Blade

Rebel has been reengineered to provide greater flexibility resulting in enhanced installer functionality. Rebel is a hybrid squeegee created by marrying the traditional Bump Card with the popular Diamond Tip.


This union created a versatile squeegee that works harder for you. And, if you like your improved Rebel, you are going to love the Rebel Mini – a half-sized version that expands versatility and usability.

The Rebel Suede Blade option (shown here) is perfect for PPF, vinyl sign, and wrap installers.

Rebel - Suede Blade Product Image

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